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Costa del sol - Spain

Your safety is of the outmost importance to us. A - Z

In case of emergency call 112  (Police, fire, ambulance)

Part of the enjoyment  of travelling is experiencing a different way of life. Please remember, that it may also mean experiencing different safety and hygiene standards from those we are used to at home. EU standards aim to be the highest in the world. In our apartments and villas we do our best to ensure that your holiday is safe and trouble-free. We do ask that you take extra care whilst you are on holiday.

Balconies/Terraces - If you are travelling with young children, please make sure that they are not left unsupervised. Keep balcony/terrace furniture away from railings so the they are not encouraged to climb up. Please do not climb or lean on balconies or balustrades.

Bathrooms - Non-slip mats may not be provided, so please take extra care  to ensure you do not slip when bathing or showering. The hot water from the taps may be hot so please take care.

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Car parking - Please park your car within secure area (where possible) and ensure that the gates are closed at all times. Please do ont leave any valuable items on view or unattended in your car, specially if you visit well known turist attractions. In some parking areas there is a man that direct you into a parking spot, pay him an euro and he will keep an eye on your car.

Children - Please ensure that children are not left unsupervised at any time during your holiday and that extra care is taken when around the swimming pool, on balconies/terraces, stairs, raised terraces or gardens.  

Cooking on gas hobs - some apartments/villas may have gas hobs. When a gas hob is alight, your kitchen should be well ventilated. If you are unsure of adequate ventilation please leave a window or door slightly open until you have finished cooking. When you leave your accommodation, always ensure that the cooker has been turned off. Never leave the hob unattended when on.

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Electrical appliances - for your own safety, please exercise proper caution when handling electrical appliances and ensure that children are closely supervised when doing so.  Before connecting any of your own appliances please check that they are compatible with the local power supply (220 volt) and that the correct type of plug is being used. Adaptors can be purchased from most electricians and supermarkets. Please remember that it is dangerous to use electrical appliances when wearing a wet bathing costume or with bare fett on wet floors. Please report any electrical defects to us as soon as possible.

Emergencies - details of emergency numbers are found under "Travel information" on this web site. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need assistance. 

Fire safety - In case of fire leave the apartment/villa immediately. Once outside check that all occupants have left the apartment/villa. Go to a safe area away from the apartment/villa and then telephone the emergency services and Homecare Estepona from a neighbour och your mobile. A few simple steps should help to reduce the risk of fire:
- Always familiarise yourselves with the exits available 
- Keep matches and BBQ firelighters away from children
- Do not overload electrical appliances 
- Store all flammable materials in a safe place away from heat sources
- Never smoke in bed and always check that cigarettes are properly extinguished
- Do not throw cigarette ends on the grounds. It can be very dry in the nature.

Gas Safety - There may be gas bottles in your apartment/villa. This type of gas is heavier than air and has a very strong smell. It is therefore important not to light anything if there is any suspicion that gas may have leaked. Turn of the hob, turn off the gas on top of the gas bottle. Open all windows. Evacuate. Call us.

Glass panels - Local safety requirements do not require apartments/villas to have "toughened" or safety glass in their windows, doors, glass cabinets etc. Therefore please take particular care, especially when using patio doors, as in the bright sunlight it can be difficult to spot if they are open or not.

Holiday activities - Before taking part in any activity whilst you are here, please make sure:
- Your personal travel insurance will cover you
- You are fit and healthy enough to participate, think about the heat and drink water
- If safety equipment is available, please make sure this is worn and fits

Insects - Ants and mosquitoes ar common in hot climate. Try not to leave food out, especially sweets, and keep crumbs to a minimum. Wipe up any spillages immediately. There are also a variety of insects and small reptiles that you may not be familiar with. The vast majority are quite harmless but some may give a bite or sting that can cause discomfort. If you are ever in doubt about stings or bites, i.e. if you are allergic, seek medical advice. Most Farmacies and supermarkets sell repellents and socket burners to use at night.

Lost or stolen items - Lost and stolen items must be reported to the Police as soon as possible. If you intend to make a claim for lost/damaged items you must obtain a police report. To do so you need to present an identification.
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Keep receipts for any payment you make, as you may be able to reclaim this from your travel insurance when you return home.

Security - To minimize any risks, it is always a good idea to take the following security measures:
- if your apartment/villa has a safe, please ensure you use it for all your valuables and personal documents.
- Always lock the apartment/villa securely when you go out and secure that all windows are closed.
- when you are at the pool or on the beach, please ensure you personal belongings are attended
- never leave  personal items such as telephones, iPads etc unattended
- jewellery, cash, credit cards, ID Cards, passports should be kept safe.
- keep a separate record of your passport numbers and credit card details (take a photo of both sides)
- keep your car locked and never leave things on display in the vehicle. Make sure they are out of sight and secured in the boot.

Sunbathing - the sun is particularly strong throughout the summer months, even on overcast days. Always use a good sun protection cream and avoid sitting in the sun for long periods especially between 12 and 15 when the sun is most intense. Drink plenty of fluids of the non-alcoholic variety. 

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