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Refurbishment of the property.

Sooner or later your property needs some refurbishment, large or small. We have a network of craftsmen that have worked for us during many years and know the different apartments well. 

Q: Do I need authorisation from the community to carry out works?
A: Needing a permit from the community or not depends on the works that you are carrying out, although it is always advisable to tell the president so that they know about your intension. There could be rules about how and when you can do the works. If the works do not affect common elements, such as the main walls, balconies, facade or the building structure, in principle you do not need the authorisation, but as mentioned there could be other implications. You may also need a building licence, i e change of facade, from the Townhall.

We help you by providing quotations, handle invoices and payments. Checking progress. And we speak Spanish.

The sun, the salt in the air, the heavy rains, the strong winds, the red sand from Africa - all  wear down structures, awnings and exterior furniture. During the years there will be refurbishments, small or large, to keep your property on top.

Also inside you will notice how the sun will fade the colors.

We can buy new items, arrange delivery and take away old items.

We also take care of constructions works, painting, repairs etc

If you want to do some work yourself you can find material on Leroy Merlin in the shoppingcenter La Cañada just north of Marbella. Or at Bricorama at the Cancelada exit, smaller but closer.

Also see Local business for interior and decoration



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